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Terms and conditions

Calderdale Websites is offering a 3 page website, designed and built for free from 1st January to 31st January 2020.

The site will include 2 free email accounts ( Each additional email account will be charged at £1 per month.

Site design will include SEO (Search Engine Optimization and insertion to Google, Bing etc).

Site design will include links to any social media needed.

Site design will include a contact page (if required).

All free built sites must be hosted by Calderdale Websites at a charge of £5 per month (payable as a yearly subscription of £60, Paid in full before any work is carried out). Hosting with Calderdale Websites includes free daily backups of your data, managed site security.

Cost of Domain name will be charged to the client. Client may purchase this themselves or through Calderdale websites at a cost of £7.50 per year.

The client is responsible for renewing domain name and hosting yearly.

If you require extra pages to the 3 stated in this offer there will be a charge of £20 per page.

Future changes to the site will be charged accordingly.

The current price for a 3 page site with 2 email accounts including one year hosting is £250.

Calderdale reserves the right to remove this offer at anytime during the month of January 2020.