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Calderdale websites by Karl Burrill
If you are interested in promoting your business online, please read below for some information on my pricing.

Web Design

If you walked in to a restaurant and ordered 4 beans on one slice of toast you would expect to pay less the the guy who wants a full tin with 2 toast and an egg on top!! Well site design is just like that. Some sites are very quick and easy to put together but some can take a long time.

My pricing is based on time spent on your perfect site.

Prices start from £250.

My Pricing includes

One year free hosting

Search engine optimisation

Mobile friendly / responsive sites


Now you have you perfect site put together you need people to see it online. Im sorry but this costs money for me to do so sadly I have to charge you.

All new sites designed by me will include 1 year hosting. (hosting after the first year will be £5 per month (or £55 per year if paid in full)

Prices to transfer to my hosting service will be £5 per month (or £55 per year if paid in full)

Hosting includes:


To give you peace of mind, we make daily copies of your files, email and databases.


We know uptime is essential for your business, which is why we guarantee 99.99% availability.


Stay protected against new and emerging threats with daily security updates.


10 personalised email accounts (name@sitename.etc)

Site Editing

If you have an up and running site that you would like to update, I can do that even if I don’t currently host your site. I charge £15 per hour.

If you would like to transfer hosting to me I will give you 3 hours free site editing. (1 full year hosting paid in full to claim free editing offer)